Win our Big British Telephone Box Wine Cabinet Thingy!

10/24/2017 — By Robert Eastham

Ever had a few bottles of wine lying around and thought, "I could really do with a big red telephone box to store these in"? Silly question, I know, because there's not a person alive who wouldn't want one of these majestic creations sitting gracefully in the corner of their room, all filled to the brim with bubbly and who knows what else (there's actually a drawer in there for your Cadbury's chocolate stash too, in case you need to hide it when Hersheys come knocking).

We've got one of these to give away to a lucky entrant in what may be our biggest competition to date - this 6-foot tall cabinet is worth a hefty $1,500 and we'll ship it right to whoever the winner is! All you need to do is head to the link below and enter the competition by signing up to our newsletter - don't worry if you're already signed up, you can still enter anyway! Once you've done that there's a whole host of ways you can earn extra entries to the contest, so try and fill out as many as you can.

This competition is running right up until December 20th - we'll announce the winner on Christmas Day!


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