Parker's in the 20's

01/04/2020 — By Damian Parker

Isn't it nice to be back in an easily-named decade? 'The Teens' never quite sounded right and the less said about 'The Noughties' the better. We don't know if these Twenties will be quite as 'roaring' as the last lot, but at the very least we won't be arguing over what to call them. 

Since we're in a brand new decade I think it's high time to have a chat about the Parker's of yesteryear and where we're going in the future, given it's never been our way to keep our cards close to our chest. 

Back in 2017 we launched our Free Shipping service after our customers told us reducing the cost of delivery was the most important thing for them. Who remembers needing 2-Day Express if you lived on the West Coast? 

Since then we've been trying all sorts of things to cut the shipping time down further, such as outsourcing some products and shipping from new locations, and to be quite frank we've had mixed results. At the very least each time something's not gone so well we take a step back and see how we can improve, so I'm always grateful for your patience and support.

One of the main things we've come to realise is that our best work is done when we're involved every step of the way, making sure you get the highest quality products and service across the entire Parker's range. We're genuinely blessed to have customers that recognise the value of quality craftsmanship when so many people are focused on price and price alone, so our commitment to producing only the absolute best goods we can is stronger than ever going into 2020. Many of your old favourites are returning, with a whole catalog of brand new things we know you'll love.

We're determined to make this year the start of a phenomenal decade for Parker's, so we look forward to you joining us for ten more years of turning meat and pastry into magic. Seriously, it's magic, we can't even explain it.

Oh, as a bonus for our more local friends, we're just starting work on getting the Chippy back open. The jewel in the Parker's crown will be better than ever before with new on-site retail and the same cosy atmosphere you know and love. Look forward to this in the coming weeks!

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