Mr Parker's Recipe for a Friday Night

04/27/2017 — By Damian Parker

Friday Night means one thing in the UK: sitting down with a big old plate of Fish and Chips. You wouldn't want to have your dinner sitting naked, though, so here's a few suggestions for the absolute best things to go with your Parker's Battered Cod & Chips. None of that 'Fish Fry' nonsense either, you'll see no potato salad on these pages!

Mushy Peas

The Yorkshireman's side of choice and what Mr Parker calls 'northern nectar'. Mushy peas are often served over a hot pork pie up in the grim north and are just as good heaped onto a plate of fish and chips. They're a hit everywhere north of Lincolnshire and some even add a little mint sauce to the mix. Serve up a bowl of these and get dipping your chips!

Bisto Gravy

It might be seen as more of a pub snack or student food, but chips and gravy goes back a long way. Bisto is the UK's favourite brand and their gravy granules make mixing up a batch as easy as boiling the kettle (you do own a kettle, right?)

Pickled Onions

These might be a hard sell for some, but the sweet and tangy crunch of a pickled onion is a time-honoured accompaniment to the Friday-night chippy tea. We've selected some of the best available, and they won't even be fished from the big jar behind the counter (you know the one). Even better, if you're a little more health-conscious pickled onions are a great addition to a salad lacking in a bit of flavour, as they've got a lot of bite for their size!

Sarson's Malt Vinegar

I don't have to explain this one, do I?


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