Jolly Christmas Desserts!

09/17/2019 — By Mark Butterworth

Christmas Cake- The cake can be made as early as September. Brandy is added

throughout the year to help mature the cake in time for Christmas. Whether it has been iced or

not, it is served from Christmas Eve onwards until it is gone, which in most houses may not

make it past noon on Christmas Day.

Mince Pies- Another traditional Christmas treat that is commonly served throughout the

Christmas holiday, has to be the classic Mince Pie. Packed again with dried fruits and spices,

held together with suet and wrapped in light, melting pastry. These rarely make it to Christmas

Day, unless you have small children at home, and Santa is expecting one. 

Christmas Pudding- The Christmas Pudding is another favourite in everyones household at

Christmas time. While it looks similar in colour, and filled with similar ingredients, they are not

the same. The traditional way to make a Christmas pudding is to start it on the last Sunday

before the start of Advent, which is roughly five weeks before Christmas. It is a rich steamed

pudding made with flour, suet, and dried fruits. Typically served with Christmas dinner. The

best part about the Christmas Pudding? Tough one. Is it setting fire to it, or finding a sixpence

in one of the servings? Only YOU will know the answer.

Yule Log- A yule log is the obvious choice if you want to replace a traditional pudding. With its

sponge cake, cream filling and layer of chocolate ganache, this excellent treat is more than

worth it!

While this is not all the desserts that the British can put together. These are most commonly

served desserts around the dinner table during the holiday season.

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