It's British Pie Week! - March 2-8

03/05/2020 — By Robert Eastham

We always knew that pies were so good you couldn't have just one day dedicated to them. Ahead of the popular 'Pi Day' on March 14th, Britain celebrates an entire week for one of our most enduring culinary classics. Sweet, savoury and everywhere in between; if it's got a lid on it, we'll eat it in droves.

But which pie is the nation's favourite? With all kinds of different recipes to choose from, it's no surprise that over 200 different pies were chosen! Perhaps even more surprising is that the top of the list is a tie: With 31% of the vote each, the UK's favourite pies are Chicken Pie and Cottage Pie.

Chicken Pie edges out Cottage Pie by 1% in England but loses to Steak Pie in Scotland, with Cottage Pie the favourite in Wales. Overall, nearly two-thirds of pies chosen were between those two close competitors.

The research, by Leeds-based media agency Blueclaw ( used BBC Good Food’s favourites recipes and Google trends data. It showed that out of searches in the UK for pie recipes (using the most popular recipes as voted for by users), across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the cottage pie and chicken pie accounts for 62 per cent of searches, while the apple pie is searched for by 16 per cent of users.

What are you celebrating British Pie Week with? Perhaps an old-fashioned Steak & Kidney Pie or a classic Parker's Pork Pie? Whatever you choose, it's safe to say thousands of Brits would agree with you!

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