Free 2lb Cottage Pie when you spend $70 or more!

04/04/2017 — By Vicky Parker

It probably comes as no surprise that when you spend all day cooking and baking the last thing you want to do at home is put together some artsy-fartsy meal for the family (what kind of kid likes 'Partridge with Asparagus Jelly' anyway?). For days like this we reach back to the old country cookbooks and pluck out a classic, no-nonsense Cottage Pie.

Possibly the king of comfort food, there's very little that's as simple and yet as filling as a Cottage Pie. Now, for a limited time, we're giving one away for FREE with every order over $70 - all you need to do is enter the promo code COTTAGE17 at the Basket screen!

This offer is only available until Midnight on Sunday 9th April. Not valid on prior orders. Terms & Conditions apply. For details call (716) 823-3772.

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